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A man has not time to subdue his passions, establish his soul in virtue, and come up to the perfection of his nature, before he is hurried off the stage.
Death saying - Joseph Addison
Men sometimes upon the hour of departure do speak and reason above themselves; for then the soul, beginning to be freed from the ligaments of the body, reasons like herself, and discourses in a strain above mortality.
Death saying - Joseph Addison
Dread of death hangs over the mere natural man, and, like the handwriting on the wall, damps all his jollity.
Death saying - Francis Atterbury
Those that place their hope in another world have, in a great measure, conquered dread of death, and unreasonable love of life.
Death saying - Francis Atterbury
A man would die, though he were neither valiant nor miserable, only upon a weariness to do the same thing so oft over and over again.
Death saying - Francis Bacon
I have syllables of dread;
They can wake the dreamless dead.
Death saying - W. L. Bowles
Death is the liberator of him whom freedom cannot release, the physician of him whom medicine cannot cure, and the comforter of him whom time cannot console.
Death saying - Charles Caleb Colton
The thought of being nothing after death is a burden insupportable to a virtuous man.
Death saying - John Dryden
He that always waits upon God is ready whensoever He calls. Neglect not to set your accounts: he is a happy man who so lives as that death at all times may find him at leisure to die.
Death saying - Owen Felltham
That which causeth bitterness in death is the languishing attendance and expectation of it ere it come.
Death saying - Richard Hooker
A virtuous mind should rather wish to depart this world with a kind of treatable resolution than to be suddenly cut off in a moment; rather to be taken than snatched away from the face of the earth.
Death saying - Richard Hooker
Have wisdom to provide always beforehand, that those evils overtake us not which death unexpected doth use to bring upon careless men; and although it be sudden in itself, nevertheless, in regard of the prepared minds, it may not be sudden.
Death saying - Richard Hooker
Let us beg of God that, when the hour of our rest is come, the patterns of our dissolution may be Jacob, Moses, Joshua, and David, who, leisurably ending their lives in peace, prayed for the mercies of God upon their posterity.
Death saying - Richard Hooker
When we see our enemies and friends gliding away before us, let us not forget that we are subject to the general law of mortality, and shall soon be where our doom will be fixed forever.
Death saying - Dr. Samuel Johnson
Feasts, and business, and pleasures, and enjoyments, seem great things to us, whilst we think of nothing else; but as soon as we add death to them they all sink into an equal littleness.
Death saying - William Law
The eyes of our souls only then begin to see when our bodily eyes are closing.
Death saying - William Law
What a strange thing is it, that a little health, or the poor business of a shop, should keep us so senseless of these great things that are coming so fast upon us!
Death saying - William Law
Think upon the vanity and shortness of human life, and let death and eternity be often in your minds.
Death saying - William Law
Men in general do not live as they looked to die; and therefore do not die as they looked to live.
Death saying - Thomas Manton
The heart is the first part that quickens, and the last that dies.
Death saying - John Ray
The darkness of death is like the evening twilight: it makes all objects appear more lovely to the dying.
Death saying - Jean Paul F. Richter
Nothing so soon reconciles us to the thought of our own death, as the prospect of one friend after another dropping around us.
Death saying - Seneca
What is death but a ceasing to be what we were before? we are kindled and put out, we die, daily: nature that begot us expels us, and a better and a safer place is provided for us.
Death saying - Seneca
The rest is silence.
Death saying - William Shakespeare
Look down,
And see what death is doing.
Death saying - William Shakespeare
Adieu, and take thy praise with thee to heaven!
Thy ignomy sleep with thee in the grave,
But not remember’d in thy epitaph!
Death saying - William Shakespeare
O proud death!
What feast is toward in thine eternal cell,
That thou so many princes, at a shoot,
So bloodily hast struck?
Death saying - William Shakespeare
Loss of sight is the misery of life, and usually the forerunner of death: when the malefactor comes once to be muffled, and the fatal cloth drawn over his eyes, we know that he is not far from his execution.
Death saying - Robert South
There are such things as a man shall remember with joy upon his death-bed; such as shall cheer and warm his heart even in that last and bitter agony.
Death saying - Robert South
It is impossible that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death should ever have been designed by Providence as an evil to mankind.
Death saying - Jonathan Swift
Nature gives us many children and friends, to take them away; but takes none away to give them us again.
Death saying - Sir William Temple
Though we live never so long, we are still surprised; we put the evil day far from us, and then it catches us unawares, and we tremble at the prospect.
Death saying - William Wake
Let us live like those who expect to die, and then we shall find that we feared death only because we were unacquainted with it.
Death saying - William Wake
There is nothing in the world more generally dreaded, and yet less to be feared, than death: indeed, for those unhappy men whose hopes terminate in this life, no wonder if the prospect of another seems terrible and amazing.
Death saying - William Wake
Death sets us safely on shore in our long-expected Canaan, where there are no temptations, no danger of falling, but eternal purity and immortal joys secure our innocence and happiness forever.
Death saying - William Wake
A soul inspired with the warmest aspirations after celestial beatitudes keeps its powers attentive.
Death saying - Dr. Isaac Watts
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